Why Are My Clothes Ruined in the Clothes Dryer?

It happens over and over again, you put your clothes in the dryer and when you take them out, some of them are shredded to pieces, or have burn holes all over the place, in a nutshell they’re no longer usable. You thought the dryer is a cleaning monster not a destroying monster. So what happened?

Basically your clothes dryer needs some proper maintenance whirlpool dryer repair pasadena. It can be that the dryer has a worn out drum, or maybe it’s torn and even missing. This is when the clothes are simply getting caught in that small gap that forms between the drum and the inside of the dryer. The simple solution to this is replacing the dryer seal.

Another possible source of problems can be the link filter. This can also easily be worn out after some time and it needs replacing as it forms some sharp edges that can destroy your clothes. Some people said that they feel a smell of smoke on their clothes after the process has finished. This means that there was a tiny lint fire inside because the lint filter didn’t catch all the lint. Open the cabinet and check inside regularly for any build up of lint that needs to be removed. Also check for lint in the inner duct work of the clothes dryer. If you have a lint brush this will help out in a jiffy when you need to reach inside the machine for proper cleaning.

Sadly there are lots of fires happening due to clothes dryer mishaps. Lint fire can be truly dangerous for homes and even people should they get caught in it. So in order to keep your home and family safe from such dangerous fire hazards, make sure to have a proper maintenance of your clothes dryer regularly.

When you add your clothes to the dryer, you should avoid things that are made of plastic or rubber, rags that are imbued with oil or gasoline, dish towels or even kitchen towels that have cooking oil on it. These can very easily spark fire buildup inside your dryer and cause terrible accidents.

When you see that your clothes that are finished from drying are not completely dry, this is a sign that you have a dryer clogged with lint. Use that lint brush to clean it out and if you don’t feel like doing it on your own, you can always call a professional to do it for you. But beware many professionals charge you $100 more for the work, while buying a new brush is hardly around $10 or $20 and cleaning with a brush should take you no longer than 5 minutes even for the longest of vents.

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