Samsung Products

Samsung originated in South Korea and was founded in year 1938 by Lee Byung-Chull who was an ambitious and hardworking man. He integrated into every industry with an attitude that his company Samsung will be capturing the market right away. He started introducing Samsung products for every single field.

The era of 1960’s and 70s was exceptionally great as Samsung products and Electronics that was founded in year 1969 greatly benefited from all the policies that were applied by Park Chung, president of that time; he strived helping everyone who was trying to build up a profitable and strong company that operates within the territories of South Korea. He was provided financial help and even restricted the foreign manufacturers from selling as it eliminated competition and enabled Korean companies to develop and grow stronger. By opting for an extremely shrewd move, he permitted few foreign companies to access Korean market just if they supply them with technology and innovation which was extremely useful for Samsung Electronics to able to produce its own product line samsung appliance repair pasadena.

Samsung Products soon occupied a wide and extensive range of household appliances which mainly includes; air conditioners, washing machines, freezers, fridges and many others. All these Samsung products are exported in the foreign market and also sold at home.

In the early 1970’s era, the company started borrowing funds and funded into the communications industry and the Samsung products added audio and video equipments as well into the portfolio. This made the company broadcast its own television station which was known as Tongyang Broadcasting Company. During the 70s era, the company bumped into the heavy industry manufacturing ventures such as home electronics, petrol refineries, and shipbuilding. Samsung products portfolio now had several branches such as Samsung Heavy Industries Company, Samsung Precision Company, and Samsung Shipbuilding.

In early 80’s era, Samsung continued growing in all the industries and by that time it entered the genetic engineering, nanotechnology and aerospace technology, which was further integrated into the Samsung products such as washing machines. They were manufactured in plants that were located in New York, England and Portugal during the time frame of year 1982 till 1987 for the production of home appliances and electronics.

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